Sayyed ul Abrar

Sayyed ul Abrar is leading Oriental Consultants since 2007-08 and presently supervising 2 year’s world Bank funded ASDP-II project in Kabul and USAID funded AWDP project in Kandahar and Herat. He is also overlooking the Training, Program Development and Evaluation and Proposal/ Business Plan writing units of oriental Consultants. Sayyed ul Abrar has wide experience in the fields of program management and technical writing. He has extensive experience in design, implementation and evaluation of donors and NGOs program and has assisted governments and donors in policy development for civil society and public sector institutional development. He is an experienced mentor and World Bank/IFC/Business Edge certified trainer. He has strong skills and experience in market research leading to the development of client-focused products and cost-effective delivery systems and development of and strategies (strategic plan, communication strategy, branding strategies, fundraising strategies, advocacy strategies) and SOPs (financial, admin, operations, logistic, internal control, anticorruption and value for money, sustainable leadership for various organizations. He also has strong skills and experience in the financial analysis, institutional assessment of various non government, government and commercial organizations. During his last 17 years consulting experience, he has completed more than

  • 2000 Proposal writing/ report writing / evaluation assignment
  • 500 Training and capacity building assignment
  • 100 Business plan and feasibility assignments
  • 300 Financial system assessment and financial system development assignments
  • 50 Strategies and policies development assignment
  • 5 Long term projects (1 Year – 3 years) funded by international donor agencies

Sayyed ul Abrar has a specific interest in the design of sustainable project models adapted to the financial needs of entrepreneurs/NGOs and which are capable of including poor and remote rural communities.. He worked for number of international and local Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Strengths include strategic vision, conceptualization, project designing and risk assessment, Organizational development, business planning, monitoring and evaluation, leadership and motivation, interpersonal skills and the ability to initiate and manage change.

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